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Yes, I'm a bit stupid.

It’s only been a month since I set this little business up and it feels weird saying that. I had to go back through my posts to check it’s right, because it feels much longer. It feels like I’ve put so much thought and time and conversations into getting this far, and it’s been two minutes. It’s come together like one of those teas you make out of all kinds of stuff out of the cupboard and it’s the best tea you’ve had for ages.

Because it was such a knee jerk reaction, I just launched with what I had a t the time, but now I’ve been able to go back and make changes. I’ve learnt a lot in this time and had lots of incredibly good advice from some ace people.

The thing I’ve been looking forward to, was making a brand for myself that I liked. The imagery on my website was a bit rough, and I wanted to pull it all together. I’ve been on a coaching program for women starting a spiritual business and picked up some great idea. They use images of plants across all their materials, so I decided to think of a theme and get some good pictures. I was mulling over flowers or food or something like that, but none seemed right. I’ve got a shitload of crystals, so I thought I’d try those out. Had lots of ideas but in the back of my mind, I was struggling to find the link between what I was doing and crystals.

Yes folks, I’m that fucking stupid at times. A business called Smokey Quartz that’s firmly footed in the woo-woo world, and I can’t see the link. Seriously, when I mentioned it to my boyfriend, he saw me for the dick that I am in that moment. Probably with a little concern.

Now firmly confident in my crystal idea, I get started. I must have spent an hour, maybe two in total snapping away with my phone. I used scarfs and stuff like that as backgrounds. The decking outside, some craft paper, nothing fancy. I’m bowled over by the results and for so little effort. Yet again, just stuff coming together.

I changed my website completely. The colours really represent what I’m trying to get across and the whole site feels calm and slicker. I’ve been able to design some lovely slides for Facebook and Instagram and I’ll be branching into the world of tiktok and YouTube soon.

I’m learning how to create stuff for social media that I never thought I’d be doing, and certainly didn’t think I’d enjoy as much. Once I get started recording videos and using editing software to fancy it all up, there’s going to be no stopping me. My time will be split between readings and creating stuff that I enjoy, so attract more people to help with my readings.

It’s going well, and I’m chuffed as fuck.

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