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Shit got real...

It was only a week ago that I accidently started a business. I knew I was going to do it, well, kind of. I knew I was going to start doing readings and I had a name- Smokey Quartz. I called it that because I'm a crystal fan and I wear one around my neck. I'm a believer.

I'd been messing around with my website for a week or so, changing the font and dragging my heels. I kept saying that in a few weeks I'd launch. When I'd done this or that. I had my first reading for a friend and I asked her if she'd leave a review on my Facebook page when it was up and running. So I started to put the page together, thinking I'd just tinker with that for a while too, but I just pressed the button and the page existed. So I shit my pants and thought I'd better finish the website quickly and publish it. Within an hour, both my Facebook page and website were live.

What I expected was a slow trickle of interest. The odd share and mates giving me a thumbs up. That's not how it went- within ten minutes of inviting 70 people to like my page, I got a booking. Then another. I made a little video asking people to like and share the page and they did. And got more bookings. Within two days, I was almost fully booked for the week and had over 250 followers. By this point I'd started having some big ideas about what would be coming next. Designing an online course for beginners to take their first steps in their mediumistic journey. Lots of advice from friends and some belting readings has given me more and more confidence that I'm on the right track. But I know that, for sure.

I wasn't expecting this to happen, I didn't see it coming. Does that make me a shite 'psychic?' Well, as soon as I said yes to change, my life changed, as it has been for six months. Being made redundant, starting the best relationship of my life and now my own business. I'd have laughed in your face if you'd have said any of this a year ago.

Now I'm getting to speak to some lovely people and give them hope, positivity and a bit of direction for a living, as I've always wanted to. No corporate bullshit. No commute, no wondering what the fuck I'm contributing. No having to go along with arseholes because I'm paid to be. Now I'm doing something that I can really say is making a difference, one person at a time. My background in Learning and Development and as a coach means that you don't just get a reading, you get a bit of coaching too. Two of my favourite things in one go.

I'm in no rush to start writing and delivering that course, because I've got lots of learning to do first, to make that course a belter, and it will be a belter. It's what I'm supposed to do, so who the fuck am I to say no to the universe?

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