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Put good out, get good back.

Over the last few months, something amazing has happened. I've had the most amazing support from so many people. Many of which were total strangers and have stepped up and supported me starting my business and allowed me to be, what I've always supposed to be.

This is proof to me that if you put good stuff in the world, the world gives you good stuff back. I've made so many new friends, you wouldn't believe it. And the amazing people who've been in my life for a long time have done everything they can to help. Including listening me talk woo-woo babble about my past lives and my chakra blockages and my new ideas f

or where my business is going and what I want to make it. And you amaze me.

In the last few days I've asked people to help get the message out about my new course, and they have. I'm running both a face to face and online course (at the same time, for fucks sake) and people are believing in me and getting the word out.

Every like, share, comment, sharing on your story, writing a review, telling a friend, all of it makes a massive difference on social media.

Thanks you so much. You're all part of me following my true path. The help you're giving me, helps me to help as many people as I can, and that's the good stuff, right there.

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