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Duets with ghosts

You know when you see these fun duets on social media, where two people are talking or singing together? Well, that's what I do. But you can't see the person I'm duetting with, only I can.

I read tarot over Zoom for my business, Smokey Quartz Readings. But the information and guidance I'm giving isn't just from me. When I do a reading, I have a partner, and its a loved one or sometimes a spirit guide that comes through to talk to my client. As I read the cards, they chip in and add to what I'm saying. I probably look a bit mad, because it looks like I've got someone sitting next to me and I'm having a side conversation with them.

I often laugh and say 'they're telling me to tell you...' or I'm being told to ask...' and adding details that aren't just from the cards in front of me. These so often are such important messages that mean so much to my client. They show that their loved one is still living, in a different way, and that they're with them.

There's nothing spooky about this, in fact, it's usually funny conversations and often emotional ones. People laugh and they cry. Me included.

But in actual fact, it's more like a threesome, because you're also getting my 20 year career as a professional coach and training consultant in the mix. I don't give woolly information and leave it at that, I make sure that the guidance my client is getting is real life, positive and helps them to move forward with their lives. I'm all about the motivation and getting people on their feet again. I talk about the next few weeks and what steps to take next.

It's a winning combination, and every review that my clients leave, talks about how their inspired and feel lighter. People have made some amazing breakthroughs after a reading with me. That's why its a privilege to do what I do.

I run social media on Facebook and Instagram and offer live, free readings on both, on a regular basis. You'll find interesting stuff and offers from me all the time, so come and follow me. And if you'd like me to do a duet for you, get in touch on any of my platforms, and I'd be happy to help you.

I'm on Instagram and Facebook as smokeyquartzreadings and my email is

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