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Coaching with cards

Whereas I’ve read cards all my life, it’s only now that I’ve really found my talent and stride with them, and it’s because I use them in a particular way. I’d like to explain how the cards help me to coach someone and move them forward, and why this works perfectly.

The cards I use aren’t tarot, they’re called Lenormand. They’re a niche form of cards that are like a cross between tarot and oracle cards and read like a sentence or story. And that’s what’s often missing for me in a tarot or oracle reading- its narrative. I want to be able to clearly see a real-world story that is playing out for my client. And for me, Lenormand cards do that.

When someone describes a situation or event to you, it’s through their eyes and filter. Its full of emotion and details from their point of view, which means it can be a pretty inaccurate view. When I read someone’s cards, it tells the story without those things and usually shows it to the client in a way they haven’t looked at it before. It can hold a mirror up to them in a way that just talking about it can’t. Therefore, it works perfectly as a coaching tool. It doesn’t rely on the client having a totally unbiased view of their life. And let’s face it, who has?

Our own self-limiting beliefs are the main thing that holds us back, tells us we’re not good enough, or that a situation is bound to ‘go wrong.’ Because I’m reading for them without those beliefs, and only looking at what really ‘is’ and the potential of what could be, it can help people have a real breakthrough.

Clients often come along and are nervous that I may give them bad news or something they don’t want to hear, but that’s not how I work. It’s not that I see bad news but keep it from them, I just don’t get bad news. It’s not what I’m there to do. My role is to hold up the mirror and show you what you could achieve without your self-limiting beliefs. Without the bullshit stories our mind tells us and that we think is real. And because of this, your potential is shown to you, in all it’s glory. People leave my sessions feeling totally different to how they started it, and that’s why I love to do what I do.

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