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I help open-minded, curious people, by giving uplifting readings using clairvoyance and coaching, to guide them on their way through life.

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About Me


My name is Ripley.

In 2011 I was attending a course at the Arthur Findley College of Psychic and Spiritual Research, and heard a statement that has shaped my life, every day, since. It hit me like a bolt from the blue, and I knew I had to make changes to my life. Soon after, I lost half my body weight and over the next few years, developed a deep curiosity of spirituality and how I could live my best life.

‘We don’t live in this world as it is, we live in this world as we are.’

This amazing realisation has driven me to help everyone around me open their eyes to the fact that they’re in control of their lives more than they know, and that we can shape those lives to be abundant in so many ways- in what we have, in the people we love and in the way we see ourselves and the world around us.

Last year, my life took an amazing turn and changed beyond belief. It brought me the love of my life and the opportunity to follow my lifelong dream to work full time with Spirit. When I was 19 years old, I visited a spiritualist church for the first time an knew this was a path I’d take. I also knew I was way too young and needed to live a life before I could offer service. I said I’d come back to it when I was 50, and here I am. (I know that’s hard to believe because I look like a slip of a girl!)

In the years in between, I started my journey with mediumship; trained with the SNU (Spiritualist National Union) and went on to teach there myself. I attended Arthur Findley twice as a residential student and successfully ran the open circle within my church for years.

More recently, my spiritual journey became more focused and varied. I’ve journeyed with Ayahuasca and other plant medicine. I’ve studied with Jasmine Ivy and Christina Lopes through the most transformative programs and gone deeper than I ever thought was possible.

My professional background is as a training consultant and coach, both of these skills are strongly present in my readings and I have a unique method of mixing clairvoyance, being steered by my (and your) guide and real-world coaching to help you through your current situation, or shine light on the steps you could take to live your best life.


Smokey Quartz Readings

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Helping people to gain a meaningful and lifelong connection with the Spirit World is the aim of Smokey Quartz, the name I've given to my business. Both with development courses, coaching and readings, to guide you to your own connection. Being able to mix clairvoyance and coaching gives a real feel-good, useful reading that leaves you feeling uplifted in many ways.

The readings and coaching I offer are led by Spirit and a professional background in coaching. I use various, beautiful card decks that speak to me. These help me to offer you a range of insight, both about your life and to offer evidence that your loved ones are around you and supporting you. I have a strong leaning towards guidance and moving forward in your life positively, as this is the purpose of a meaningful reading.

The coaching service I offer is to help those who are approaching a stage in their life where they know there is more than the bricks and mortar, we see around us. If you’re drawn to go deeper into what ‘life’ actually means, and how to make huge strides in your life, I can help.

I’m a real person and won’t be blinding you with jargon. I use humor and I’m very much in the real world.

My flagship course ‘The Link’ offers a breath of fresh air when learning all about how to connect with the Spirit World. The problem we so often find with spiritual learning is the amount of jargon and abstract ideas, that leave us feeling confused. In The Link, you’ll find easy to understand, real life language, examples and methods, that will take the mystery out of tapping into your own potential to communicate with your loved ones and guides. Who doesn’t need some extra support in their lives? Not only in making decisions and what to do next, but also the really simple things. You’ll be amazed how often you’ll find a parking space, once you know who and how to ask! 

I also now offer a fab little workshop that teaches you my method for reading any cards using intuition, rather than the book. Reading From The Heart is a three hour online workshop, that's had amazing feedback from everyone.



Spiritual Reading

£10 £20 £30 £40 £60 

A mixture of card and clairvoyant readings. Whether you're looking for guidance with a current situation, evidence of your loved ones in spirit or a mixture of both.

My readings leave you feeling uplifted and support you to move forward in your best life. Just let me. know which of the below services you'd like to book, when you contact me.

12 month detailed forecast- £60

General reading 45 minutes (£40) 

Focussed reading 30 minutes (£30)

Quick reading 20 minutes (£20)

Flash reading- 10 minutes (£10)

Head to the contact page now, to arrange your reading.

Spiritual Coaching

£50 £75

No matter what stage your spiritual development, a coaching session, with the help of spirit, can point you in the right direction and give you a great insight into what steps to take next. You'll feel clearer in your path and have some simple and effective tools that really work in day to day life.

I also offer a full reading and coaching session in one. This is the idea deep dive.

Head to the contact page now, to arrange your coaching.

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Development Course

The Link

Spiritual development for real lives


See the dedicated page for more details.

Online spiritual development for real lives.

Head to the contact page now, if you'd like to talk to me about joining.

Reading From the heart
Beginner and advanced courses



Reading cards well, is all about intuition, not about memory.

Would you like to be confident reading any cards for yourself and others?

Would you like to have a deep understanding and connection with your card and how to work with them, your way?

Would you like to know how

cards work and therefore be able to adapt how you use them?

Would you like to learn, live, over Zoom with groups no bigger than ten, so you get lots of support?

Drop me a message on social media or the contact page to book a place. Various dates available

3 hours

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Gift Cards

Looking for the ideal gift that won't end up in a cupboard or landfill? Something that will really help your loved one?

My handmade gift cards are perfect. You can choose any aalue- from a £10 mini reading to a full reading and coaching session, or even one of my courses. 

You can simply pop these in a card or add it as a tag to any other gift, and there you go. Pretty and meaningful.

Contact me to buy yours today


The Link(online)

Spiritual Development for real lives

Spiritual Development for real lives

• Would you like to be more in charge of your life and find more happiness every day?

• How would being more in control of your emotions and intuition improve not only your life, but those around you?

• How would you like to know more about who you are and why you are the person you are?

• How would you like to bring so much more good stuff into your life, including improved health, less stress, and more abundance?

The Link- Spiritual Development for Real Lives.
6 week online course


This course will be interactive, fascinating and fun. We'll enjoy lots of different techniques, from group work to guided visualisations.


What the course consists of:

• A weekly session where we’ll learn some real life, amazingly useful information, and tools

• A guided visualization to move you forward, during the session

• A private facebook group where we’ll all be able to support each other and keep in touch

• A printable handout for each module

• Live group coaching session with me, via Zoom. This will be focused on the module that week.

• A private coaching session to assess where you are at the end of the course, and your next step.


You'll be learning amazing subjects like:

• your energy system, aura and the chakras
• communication with spirit guides
• past lives, karma and the inner child
• intuition and clearing energy
• Shadow work and healing
• manifestation and moving your life forward.

Price: £275 This is the only time I'll be offering this course at this price. Grab it now.

If you'd like more information about dates that this will be running, or to book your place, please send me a note through my contact page.

I also run this course face to face in Widnes, Cheshire, so if you're local, get in touch via my contact page and we can discuss dates.



Ripley is amazing. She’s done many readings for me over the years and manages to make me feel incredibly inspired and intrigued but in a way that’s comfortable and down to earth. And it’s always spot on.
I’ve seen a few spiritual people/mediums etc over the years and often they’re a bit generic or fluffy. Ripley makes it real and approachable and I don’t come away with that “I’m not sure what happened there” feeling ever. I absolutely trust her and always know I’m in good hands.


This divine woman is ABSOLUTELY incredible.
I cannot recommend her highly enough and for me, that's a VERY rare thing.
I’m super careful who I let into my energy and highly cynical of so many folks!!
Ripley is incredible, magical, connected, restorative, hugely talented and a completely divine being
We have encountered some incredible healings and insights in our work together.
So, if you are ‘searching’ - look no further


Hey All!

I just had an AMAZING reading with


from Smokey Quartz Readings.

Karen is really good at communicating the reading but most of all she can really help with tangible actions to take. She is also a coach which is a massive bonus! It's a really grounded experience, with the woo woo stuff but in a really relatable way.

I got major reassurance that I'm where I need to be, to continue to TRUST my intuition and to continue focusing on releasing and expanding in to self love and a deep rooted grounded-ness which I am very much focused on right now.

It's not a reading where you will be told "this will happen" although it does include past, present and future, it's more of a support to where you are at, where you are going and how to follow the journey in a more graceful and easeful way.

Karen is a gifted intuitive & coach. As you know I am super cautious about who I connect with and who I recommend. I value realness, depth and safety. I felt a real connection to Karen.

Wanted to share in case anyone else is looking for reassurance, guidance, answers etc.


Contact Me


My preferred method of contact, is through social media, so if you're on Instagram or Facebook, please use that instead.

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Before your reading

If your reading is being held over Zoom, you’ll need to have this installed on your phone or tablet etc. I’ll need to be able to see you to offer the best reading. It’s worth having a practice to make sure you know how to join a meeting, so it doesn’t eat into our time together. I’ll send you a link that you just need to click on and give you instructions. If I can use it, anyone can.
Feel free to record the reading on your phone, or in many cases, I can allow you permission to record directly into Zoom.
Payments need to be made at the time of booking, so please put that through immediately. I’ll send you bank transfer details.