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Smokey Quartz Readings

I help open-minded, curious people, by giving uplifting readings using clairvoyance and coaching, to guide them on their way through life.

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About Me

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My name is Ripley.

I’ve worked with spirit in many ways over the years, including being formally trained as a medium in 2011. I’m now lucky enough to work as a reader and spiritual coach and teacher, full time.

My passion is using my skills to help people move forward in their life, with humour and a down to earth outlook.

My professional background is as a training consultant and coach, both of these skills are strongly present in my readings and I have a unique method of mixing clairvoyance, being steered by my (and your) guide and real-world coaching to help you through your current situation, or shine light on the steps you could take to live your best life.

Smokey Quartz Readings

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What I offer, is real world advice, in a real world way. I don’t blind people with woo-woo jargon. I’m down to earth and easy to understand.

I focus on motivation, moving you forward and see the positive. I don’t do bad news, and it’s not that I see it and don’t tell you, it’s just not what I do, so not what the cards give me.

I’m active on social media and there’s lots of ways to see me there. That includes videos and live sessions, so you can see how I work and what I’m like. Go and have a look, if you haven’t already.

I offer readings of various lengths, to suit the amount of detail you would like and the price. Also coaching on various spiritual subjects, so if you want some one on one advice about your spirituality and how you can develop that, or see that you’re not actually going mad- it’s a spiritual awakening, these are great sessions.

Last, but not least, my Reading From The Heart program, where you can finally learn to read cards through your own intuition, rather than trying to learn the meanings from a book. From beginner and advanced live Zoom workshops, to a five week coaching program, this is a great way to learn. If you want to read just for yourself, or become a pro, this will teach you how.

I offer face to face readings at various events and shops, including Angel Dust (Widnes & Frodsham). Check them out here:


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A mixture of card and clairvoyant readings. Whether you're looking for guidance with a current situation, evidence of your loved ones in spirit or a mixture of both.

My readings leave you feeling uplifted and support you to move forward in your best life. Just let me.

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Spiritual Coaching

No matter what stage your spiritual development, a coaching session, with the help of spirit, can point you in the right direction and give you a great insight into what steps to take next. You'll feel clearer in your path and have some simple and effective tools that really work in day to day life.

I also offer a full reading and coaching session in one. This is the idea deep dive.

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Reading from the heart
beginner and advanced live workshops


Look out for my beginner and advanced workshops on my social  media pages. They're fun, live Zoom workshops and I keep the numbers small, so we can interact.

Reading From the heart
Coaching Program



Reading cards well, is all about intuition, not about memory.

Would you like to be confident reading any cards for yourself and others?

Would you like to have a deep understanding and connection with your card and how to work with them, your way?

Would you like to know how

cards work and therefore be able to adapt how you use them?

Would you like to learn, live, over Zoom with very small groups?

Drop me a message on social media or the contact page to book a place. Various dates available

five week live Zoom sessions

Readings and Services
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Before your reading

If your reading is being held over Zoom, you’ll need to have this installed on your phone or tablet etc. I’ll need to be able to see you to offer the best reading. It’s worth having a practice to make sure you know how to join a meeting, so it doesn’t eat into our time together.

I’ll send you an invite via email, with a link that you just need to click on and give you instructions. If I can use it, anyone can!

When you contact me to book, please don’t share information about yourself. Giving me a detailed reason for your reading only means it loses impact for you, because you know this is information you’ve shared. Let me read your cards, and the guidance that is meant for you, will come out.

Feel free to record the reading on your phone, or take notes.
To book with me, click here.

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Ripley is amazing. She’s done many readings for me over the years and manages to make me feel incredibly inspired and intrigued but in a way that’s comfortable and down to earth. And it’s always spot on.
I’ve seen a few spiritual people/mediums etc over the years and often they’re a bit generic or fluffy. Ripley makes it real and approachable and I don’t come away with that “I’m not sure what happened there” feeling ever. I absolutely trust her and always know I’m in good hands.


This divine woman is ABSOLUTELY incredible.
I cannot recommend her highly enough and for me, that's a VERY rare thing.
I’m super careful who I let into my energy and highly cynical of so many folks!!
Ripley is incredible, magical, connected, restorative, hugely talented and a completely divine being
We have encountered some incredible healings and insights in our work together.
So, if you are ‘searching’ - look no further


Had a brilliant reading today from Ripley. It was so on the nail and has provided comfort and confirmation regarding a situation that has been ongoing for a while. Ripley tells it how it is, but shows empathy and has a great delivery. Friendly and fun from the outset which helps to relax you. Not only did I finally get the guidance I needed, I learnt loads too. I would recommend Ripley to read every time and certainly won't be using anyone else going forward, she is one very talented lady

Claire HV

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